Sunday, January 8, 2017

What I Got for Chrismtas 2016!

Hey, it's Harper!!!  I had an amazing Christmas and hope you did too!  I'm not trying to brag because the meaning of Christmas is being with family over the holidays.

Harper Grace: What I got for Christmas 2016

From my parents, I got...

  • White scalloped Kate Spade Wallet
  • Pink Adidas
  • Black and White Nikes
  • Rose Gold Beats
  • Pink iPhone charger
  • Pink Backpack with studs
My brother got me...
  • Tan Suede Ankle Boots
  • Hoola Bronzer... a dance competition must-have!
  • Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua
  • Urban Decay Lip Liner
  • Nars Lipgloss
My little sister Caroline got me...
  • Kendra Scott Key Chain
  • Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Body Wash
  • Pink Chiffon Body Wash
  • Pink EOS
  • Pink Rose Throw Pillow

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy!

School has been in session for litterally 2 months but I'm so busy!  Classes were done last Friday, the 18th, but I stayed on campus until Monday the 20th because I went Christmas shopping with the girls.  By the way... I have three great friends who live on my floor with me.  Meet Paizlei who is as unique as her name, Lacie who is also on my dance team, and lastly Emma Rose who goes by Emma.  Together we do everything together and I get the best opinions on everything.

Let me talk a bit about my extracurriculars.  I'm on the cheer squad, gymnastics team, and dance team.  This keeps my schedule jammed packed but I love my teams and it keeps me fit and toned.

I'll be back to talk about my Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday!!!

See you then!
~Harper Grace

Sunday, October 23, 2016

School Schedules are out!

Harper Grace: School Schedule

Beginning Fashion Design
Advanced Math 9th Grade
Art 1
Advanced English 1
Basic U.S. History

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Harper Grace: Dorm Room
Before you say it... my room is definitely plain right now but will become better so much better through out the year.  I started out with some basic bedding and worked in a blue and grey color scheme.  Hope that you get where I get my inspiration!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Harper Grace's Packing List: Technology
Of course we can't forget my phone!  What would I be without it and who doesn't have the newest iPhone 7???  I already talked about my rose gold Beats but haven't talked about much else.  I love my MacBook Air and do all my homework and binge watching Netflix on it.  My iPad mini is like my giant phone minus the calling.  I do all my social media on it and FaceTime my friends.
My tech bag is all packed... just about 100 more bags to go.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Little Bit More About Me

As you know my name is Harper Grace but I go by Harper.  I love YSL purses and the colors black and gold as you can tell by my favorite purse.  I listen to music non-stop and totally rule the playlists at all the alpha parties.  My favorite artists are Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande.  My Beats are a necessity to tune out my siblings and the rose gold color brings out my girly personality.  My iPhone 7 is the best thing I've ever bought!  I take it everywhere and have like a bazillion cases already but the gold glitter case is my fave.  I have a little French Bulldog puppy named Princess and she is a little diva girl.  I really hope that Aspenwood allows pets because I'm not going without her.  Another thing I need is my diamond earrings and my manicures.  I have my favorite manicure lady, Kyla, who does amazing designs and takes less then thirty minutes for my acrylics.  The last thing that creates me is my makeup.  I sometimes get my makeup done if I'm going to a photoshoot or have some type of cometition or big party.  Normally, I will do my own makeup.  I love Tarte and Urban Decay eyeshadow but MAC Lipglass is my fave lip product out of all time.

Well that's about it.  Though my coming posts you'll learn more about me and my new school and high school drama which I'm the queen of!


Friday, September 30, 2016

Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Harper Grace and I'm one of Manhattan's elite.  I've always lived in New York City and know my way around the city like the inside of my Yves Saint Laurent Leather Chain Wallet.  This year though, I'm the newest elite in rural Upstate New York as a student at Aspenwood Academy.  Well that's enough about where I live and whats new.

I live in a mansion in New York City with my family- Mother, Father, my big brother Alexander, and my little sister Caroline.  Alexander is a sophomore in college, studying to become a doctor to the joy of my parents.  Caroline is a bit of a pain... she's only five but she's as sassy as they come.  I think being the middle child, I get the most attention, like I should.  Enough about my family... let's talk about me!

I'm a freshman at Aspenwood Academy this year and I want to be a fashion designer who lives in Europe.  Here's a little bit more about me...